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Sumika retiring

As usual, I wait for the dust to settle, before expressing my feelings.

I will miss her.

I like her a lot: I like her voice, first of all. I had the privilege to see her live and it was in Trafalgar/Funky Sunshine. God only knows if I haven't cried hot tears - and it is not a metaphor, I really cried - after that show. It meant a lot to me: Alice's taidan and finally Tomu's voice in my hears without the filter of DVD.

But still, no matter how emotionally challenging that performance has been for me, I still remember Sumika like a warm breeze in a cold morning. Her voice, so gentle, like a balm. And her acting, even if not perfect according to my standards (but I am a die-hard O'Hana and Mihoko fan, so I am biased), was so fresh and new to me. Something I wasn't really expecting. An endearing surprise. So my memory of her in Soragumi will be as a shy presence, full of grace.

She succeeded in embodying the Takarazuka motto and for me it is more than you can expect from a musumeyaku who kept up the tradition of silent, graceful, Top Star's second half.

I do not mind about critics and the old polemics about how she didn't really mix with the rest of the Troupe.

Personally, she felt like the perfect complement to Yuuhi. Their combi lasted for long for a reason, after all.

And to be totally, open heartedly honest, I am not as sad about Yuuhi's retirement, as much as I am about hers.

Even if it was predictable they would leave together, once news became official, my lips turned downwards.

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To Polejock, public as this is my LJ and I have a right to be nasty here

In reply to the post about leaving the fandom, to which I cannot reply cause comments are disabled (coward post is coward)

Before I even start, I am using iPad and I have no idea how the LJ cut works here, so if you are not interested just skip this post...the title is eloquent to the max.

Plus, I am getting old and I have always been Scroogey. I am not locking this or disabling comments, but this is my LJ and here I have jus vitae ac necis. So don't school me about what I should or shouldn't write.

Plus the second..., I love some flaming and I am a troll extraordinaire when I get in the mood for it. So please, if you feel like it, flame away and make my day.


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I have waited for the dust to settle.

I like the shuffle. I am just a tad worried about Daichan, but I tend to be overprotective about her, so it is not the new Troupe, it is me eh eh eh

Also, I appreciate how Hankyuu is revamping my Soragumi as recently it felt a little neglected (maybe I am still processing Tomu's transfer).

I do like Teru and I am sure she will do extra-good now that she has also Kitarou's support to help her find a new balance in a troupe, which has the good side of being much like family, but also the bad side of being sometimes a little too much like family...

As for Micchan. Well, I have never liked her enough to feel really sorry about her being moved to Senka.

I will miss Misato, but this only means I need to follow a new troupe which I have been following less than all the others, for reasons I cannot explain.

Just some frustration here: I want to know babies' assignments for crying out loud!

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EMBA - 2

Lessons start the day after tomorrow.

Wish me well, especially wish me well for these classes:

a) Financial Accounting - scheduled after lunch...every day, for three days

b) Personal Development - scheduled for Saturday morning at 9:30 am

Now...I can cope with Financial Accounting = Excel while I'm still processing food.

But I can't cope with Personal Development on Saturday morning, to attend which I have to wake up even earlier than on work days!

I am so totally right now...
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Ooops I did "le" again...

Made another Zuka Rage Comic...I told you I'll quite spam you with this stuff for a while.

Considering I created a tumblr account for these, those of you who are already following me there, just ignore any LJ post with the word "le" in the title from now on :D

Finally, the LJ cut is working. Sorry if I killed your f-list...

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EMBA - 1

I've decided to keep a journal about my Executive MBA experience, just a sort of memo and also to collect your opinions / views, my dear friends.

I'm not locking but if you're not interested, just skip all the entries with the "EMBA" tag.

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Wao Dracula

Fare thee well, my good moneyz

There is something profoundly beautiful and profoundly wicked in this sight...

Wao/Dracula Action Figure. Sometimes dreams do come true *squee of doom*

I'm happy I got this in the mail this morning, it cheered me up.

I've had some after-thoughts about what I've written in my last post. If you want to read my rants ...

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Official Communication - From TakaHana to Taka, Hana

I'm copy-pasting the mail I just got from WFC.

日増しに秋が深まってまいりましたが、皆様いかがおすごしでしょうか。 皆様の温かいご声援のおかげで、無事幕を降ろしましたDracula公演よりはや一ケ月が過ぎました。たかちゃんも皆様のご声援に感謝し、新しい企画を練っている毎日です。 さて、WFC発足当時より、一緒に歩んで参りました花總まりこと醍醐まり子は、4月13日に弊社を退社しました。 引き継ぎ等なにもせぬまま突然の退社であった為色々不手際が多かった事、おわび申し上げます。又、Dracula という大舞台の前に応援して下さっている皆様にご心配をおかけしたくなく、皆様へのご報告が遅くなりましたことも重ねておわび申し上げます。 これからも気持ちも新たにWFCは和央ようかを皆様と共に支え守っていきたいと思います。どうぞ引き続きご支援のほど、宜しくお願いいたします。 皆様のますますのご健勝をお祈り申し上げます。

I haven't been discussing this topic with anyone, apart from very close friends, because - as you can imagine - it definitely hurts.

Also, I don't want to dwell on the reasons of this break-up or on the obvious topic "is this for ever? will they change their minds? what about their real life relationship?", mostly because I think what comes next is not up to us fans to say.

Rumours about this have been spreading for months now and I've kept away from gossip and I intend to continue in doing so.

My personal decision is to support both of them, of course with more dedication to Takako, because after all - whatever lead them to this - I feel in my heart she is the one who needs more warmth now, even a pale substitute for love we can provide as fans.

The rest: time will settle things, one way or another. And to quote Takachan herself in one of her recent tweets, this is just another season and seasons come and go. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. It's part of being human.

Sad as it is, this is not the end of the World and they are still alive. You won't see any "taidan blues" here. It's just another page to turn.

I wish good luck to both of them. And *dang* this means I'll have to save more for TWO stars now...*for bankruptcy go straight ahead*